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After the Storm

2012 We’ve all seen pictures of the Frankenstorm, “Sandy” that hit the East coast two weeks ago. Disasters like that prompt a myriad of thoughts and discussions about “What would happen if disaster struck HERE? Am I prepared to be without electricity and water for a week? What if my entire home disappears into a […]

Beware the Pirates!

2012 I hate to keep harping on you all, but it’s school time and you’re desperately still looking for a place to rent, right? Once again the Department of Commerce has sent out a media alert, ‘Consumer Protection warns of fake rental scheme targeting real estate ads’. There are FAKE rental ads on Craigslist, KSL-beware […]

Reading BETWEEN the Headlines

2012 Wasatch“The tables have turned-It’s now a seller’s market”!   Those were happy words on the front page of the Salt Lake Tribune last week, right?  That is not a headline we’ve seen in these parts in FIVE FREAKIN’ YEARS!  Let me take the next few paragraphs here and share with you my slant on the […]

Happy Graduation-Now DON’T Buy a Home!

2012             My fellow Realtors are going to be a bit peeved at me when they read this article. Why? It’s college graduation time and I’m going to tell you lucky graduates NOT to run out and buy a home for a few years. I know that seems like crazy advice right now especially since […]

The Low Down Dirty Mortgage Poop

2012             Utah’s rate of foreclosed homes has dropped 49% in the first three months of 2012. That should be great news for home sellers, right? Maybe property values will stabilize or stop falling?  Hold onto your bootstraps-Salt Lake City is still in the top of the pile of mortgage muck for the nation in […]

Help For Second Time Homebuyers

2012    The State of Utah has a pretty terrific non-profit that helps lower and middle income families here own homes. They’ve not necessarily been known as the ‘second time’ loan brokers, but with the economy as such, Utah Housing Corporation  is now providing second mortgages to current and previous home owners as well as […]

Mulitple Offers in This Economy?

2012    “There are a million homes for sale! What do you mean this property has multiple offers on it?!” says the buyer who just lost out on a home that had been for sale on the market for five months.      Welcome to our world these days.  Yes, there are a ton of homes […]

2012 Salt Lake Housing Forecast

2012    No matter what industry you work in, there is always a year end wrap up and January prediction/ forecast available from some industry expert out in the world. Glass blowers and fuzzy sock makers want to know the prices of materials and demand for products each year just as much as home builders […]

Use Your VA Benefits!

2011        We just commemorated our service men and women on Veterans Day. Unless you are a Vet, it’s hard to understand the commitment that military service requires. There are over 25 million Vets in this country.  Thanks to President Franklin Roosevelt (in 1944), Vet’s can get assistance in buying homes as a reward for […]

Who Slept In Your Bed?

2011 I’m just about to put a home across the MLS that is rather historic…it is the birthplace of Gordon B. Hinkley, the 15th president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  There’s not a bronze plaque outside the front door noting the significance of the property, but there could be if the […]