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Creative Wards

I went to a friend’s new office at 95 South State Street-you know, the all-glass 25 story building that sits on the corner of 100 South and State, just west of Harmons. It’s a beautiful building inside but what really impressed me is the fact there is a four story meeting house for the Church […]

The Creepies

I recently had a new client to the area wonder about sex offenders that were located in a neighborhood where she wanted to purchase a new home. Her concerns were especially strong as she has two very young children and wants a safe neighborhood to live in upon closing escrow. She Googled a particular address […]

Fences and Potholes

In the past six weeks I’ve had three flat tires from driving around downtown. Each time my hero ‘Joey’ at Burt Brothers tires has pulled out a long sheet rock screw out of my tire. This maddening fact is due to the massive amount of construction downtown, and between the awful potholes and the detritus […]

Wanna Run Away?

I have a lot of friends who say, “If Trump gets elected again, I’m moving to Canada and buying a home there!”  Um, sorry kids, but unless you’re a Canadian citizen, you cannot purchase residential property as of January 2023. Well, so how does one become a Canadian?  Marriage to a Canadian citizen does not […]

Holy Gorgeous

The LDS Church has 335 Temples around the world in various phases of operation.  Some are in full operation; others are under construction or being remodeled. I’m not a member of the faith and in all the years I’ve been in Utah I’ve never actually been inside Mormon holy ground. When a Temple is being […]

Celebs Love Us

Movie makers and celebrities love Utah for so many reasons. Our natural beauty is a draw with our Big 5 national park vistas. Our workforce is well versed in all things movie and TV making and Utah loves to give out tax incentives for films to be made here. Just in the past decade Utah […]

Selling Tips for Spring

Traditionally people like to wait until Spring to put their home on the market. If they have kids, they might be out of school in May so April is a good time to go to market. Right now there are so few homes available that it’s a really great time to sell because of low […]

Putting Down Roots

Often people believe that the first homes in Utah were built in Salt Lake City upon Brigham Young and his followers supposedly claiming, ‘This is the place!’ He led his Mormons here and founded Salt Lake City in 1947 and over the following decade 90 Mormon settlements arose in the state. Nope, the first recorded […]


Back in 1998 a revolutionary concept was offered to Utah homebuyers: co-housing. The notion was based on similar projects in Europe where homes/condos/townhomes are clustered around each other to create ‘intentional community’. Wasatch Commons (@1400 South 1500 West) was built on 4.5 acres in the Glendale neighborhood with 26 townhomes. I was the original listing […]

Getting Greener

Who knew that a single head of lettuce can take up to 25-years to decompose in a landfill!  Momentum Recycling who picks up our paper waste in Salt Lake County wants to educate us that food waste gives off gases when it decomposes, like methane that’s 23 times stronger than the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. […]