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Containing It

I’ll admit right off that I’m not an expert when it comes to shipping products around the world. Stuff I need gets magically stocked on store shelves or in a website on the internet. I do have friends and clients in the shipping business but frankly, talking about ‘containers’ doesn’t float my retail boat. Yet, […]


Since I was born in New York, I’m a native New Yorker! Although I’ve lived in Utah most of my life, I still love traveling back to the Big Apple to see friends and family, the latest show on Broadway or a museum and of course track down a dirty water dog or a chewy […]


National monuments in Utah include the obvious: Timpanogas Cave, Bear’s Ears, the Grand Staircase-Escalante, Hovenweep, Dinosaur, Zion, Canyonlands, Arches, Bryce, Capitol Reef, etc. State monuments also include This Is the Place, the Seagull Monument at Temple Square, The Eagle Gate Monument on State Street and South Temple, Joseph Smiths birth place and many others.  I […]

Homebuyer Help

You’d have to live on the dark side of the moon if you haven’t heard of Ivory Homes. The developer has been building homes in this state for 30+ consecutive years, with 20,000+ homes built and sold, 70+ communities established, 100+ different home designs and 45+ model homes to choose from. The CEO, Clark Ivory […]

Safe Cities

Are you afraid to go out of your nest because you might get the RONA?  A recent Gallup Poll found that almost 50% of all Americans are worried about getting the damnable virus. I personally believe there are four types of folks right now: ones who have not left their humble abodes since March of […]

Let Us Pray!

New year, new president, and vice president. I cannot imagine stepping into such leadership in such times as these that are so challenging for all of us. Sure, there’s a horrible pandemic and we need to cure it or get it under control, but there’s a HUGE economic problem facing us because of the effects […]

The One For You?

If you haven’t seen the thread on social media, go now and look for ‘The One Bel Air’. You will find photos and info on the most expensive home for sale in California-a 105,000 sq. ft. property that someone will be able to call home in the future. This is all new construction that’s been […]

Get Your Drink On

We’ve now survived the season to try and be jolly. The one-dimensional Zoom cocktail parties are kinda a bore now, but if you mix in a drinking game with prizes you might have more fun! The holidays are this time of the year when we pay attention to when liquor stores are open and where […]

What To Do in 2021?

The #1 question people ask me about real estate is …will housing prices go up or down in 2021? Followed by, “Should we buy or sell?” To me, the answers are easy. During the last 10 years Utah has had more growth per capita than any other state. Basically, more folks are moving here than […]

Buying & Selling A Home In Utah During COVID-19

COVID-19 & Real Estate FAQs As We Understand Them: Real estate activities are permissible protected industry under Utah state law. Attached are questions that we have received from clients and customers with the best answers we can give you! We will attempt to update/supplement these FAQs as we hear from our local and national REALTOR® […]