Cottonwood Heights

Home Prices: Mid $300’s in to the millions

Cottonwood Heights is considered an affluent city within Salt Lake County at the bottom of the ‘East Bench’ and above Murray City. A ‘bench’ is what other towns refer to as ‘foothills’. This bench is actually the original shoreline of the original ancient Lake Bonneville which at once covered the whole Salt Lake Valley. As the city's name suggests, its geography is dominated by a high ridge separating the valleys of the Big and Little Cottonwood Creeks. At the eastern edge of the city, these valleys narrow into the Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons within the Wasatch Mountains, respectively. The bench is covered in suburban housing, and most commercial development has been restricted to the lower-lying areas north of the ridge (along Fort Union Boulevard, in Fort Union itself, and near Big Cottonwood Creek and the "Old Mill" in the northeast corner of the city).

The corporate offices of Jetblue Airways, Mrs. Fields, Extra Space Storage and are located in the city. In 2007, Money magazine rated Cottonwood Heights at #100 on their Best Places to Live list.

Popular area dining spots: Market Street Grill (fresh daily seafood), Hoppers Brewpub, Tuscany restaurant, the Cottonbottom (garlic burgers), Lone Star Taqueria, the Bohemian Brewery & Grill (German food and brewery proud to serve local canned beer), and the Porcupine Pub and Grill.

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