Murray:  The Mormon pioneers came to the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. A pioneer group called the Mississippi Saints arrived one year later and began to develop a scattered settlement in the south end of the valley in the fall of 1848. The area was distinguished by various names such as the Mississippi Ward, Cottonwood, Big Cottonwood, and South Cottonwood. Written history states that at least 20 families were living in the South Cottonwood area in the 1860s. The area remained agricultural until 1869 when a body of ore was found in Park City and additional ore was found in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Because of its central location and access to the railroad, the first smelter was built in Murray in 1870 and Murray became the home of some of the largest smelters in the region over the next 30 years. The first official post office was established in 1870 as the South Cottonwood Post Office. The area changed over time as the railroad came in, smelting expanded, the territorial road (later known as State Street) was established, and trolley transportation was developed. A business district also began to develop along the transportation corridor.  The City received its present name from the post office which officially changed its name from South Cottonwood Post Office to Murray Post Office in 1883 after the civil war general, Eli Murray. Eli Murray was a territorial governor of Utah from 1880 to 1886.

According to Wikipedia, after a riot and fire started by a rowdy group of smelter workers in a local saloon, the fight for incorporation was begun by the local newspaper editor. The final incorporation committee drafted a petition in 1901 and created an intense campaign on both sides of the incorporation battle. The election took place on November 18, 1902. Those in favor won and C.L. Miller was elected as Mayor by three votes. Salt Lake County recognized the election results as official on November 25, 1902 and the City was officially recognized as a Third Class City by the State of Utah on January 3, 1903.

Murray is known for it's mix of newer housing, condominiums and mid-century homes as well as many local restaurants and stores. Nowadays many people associate Murray with the huge campus of the IHC Hosptial at 5400 South State Street.

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